Moritz Walther.

Freelance FinTech Consultant

The financial service industry is going down new paths. They say you should never hike alone. Let me accompany you on your expedition.


The financial service industry is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. From all sides, pressure is mounting.  Regulatory changes, new customer demands, monetary policy, changing technologies, new competitors and more are all driving the increased use of technology in the financial services. For many, going down these new roads is a  long and tough journey. I consider it an adventure. Allow me to be your companion and guide you through this odyssey. 
My name is Moritz Walther. I am 22 years old and I am from Philadelphia, USA. When I was 18, I moved to Germany to study a bachelor’s degree in information systems. I worked part-time at HP exploring technologies such as blockchain and their application to banking. After graduating I joined Ernst & Young as a FinTech consultant working in M&A. In September I will move abroad again. I intend to pursue a degree in “Fintech for Financial and Insurance Business” and will be studying in Madrid, Spain, and Nice, France. 
I have been going hiking for as long as I can remember. Every chance I get I head into the mountains. Not everyone can relate. Admittedly, a big part of hiking is about long hours of trudging, straining uphill, and getting caught in the rain. But hiking is also about appreciating the beauty of the journey and the incredible reward of getting to the top of that mountain. Along the way, you learn so much. You need to have a vision of what it's like the top. You learn about hard work, perseverance, calculated risk-taking and being able to smile through the occasional downpour. 


September 2015

DHBW Stuttgart

B.Sc. Information Systems

October 2015

Hewlett Packard

Various Roles
Bid management for storage system deal with a mid-sized German bank. Blockchain client workshop design for use case discovery. Product manager working in Sydney and Kuala Lumpur developing app from trade show. 

May 2018

DXC Technology

Banking Account Management

Examined GDPR compliance of mid-sized Swiss banks Blockchain use cases 

November 2018

Ernst & Young

Strategy & Transactions

Fintech cosultant working in M&A exclusively for financial service clients. Experienced in digital strategy, IT due diligence, IT carveout, IT integration, fundraising, license application and more 

March 2020


Project Manager

Founding member of the RemedyMatch e.V. a non-profit to facilitating medical supply donations in the COVID-19 crisis . Winners of #WirVsVirus Hackathon

September 2020

UPM Madrid

M.Sc. Financial Technology

June 2020



Co-founder of educational consulting firm specializing in helping Americans study in Europe

October 2020


Digital Strategy & Architecture

Intern working on database modernization for trading applications

February 2021


Product Management Internship

Foggy Forest

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